4 Best and Recommended Glycolic Acid Skin Care Products for Each Skin Type

There are many glycolic acid skin care products, which you can find on the market. Among them all, below are the most recommended one:

1. Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum

This skin care product has a kind of light gel texture. It is specially formulated at the effective pH of 3.8- 4.0. You can see how perfect this product is just by looking from the ingredients. Lactic acid is one of them. Clinical studies showed that it can hydrates skin effectively, increase ceramide production, and lightens hyperpigmentation. This ingredient is perfect for strengthening the natural barrier having by the skin.

Philosophy All Skin Care Moisturizers Serums Cleansers & More
Philosophy All Skin Care Moisturizers Serums Cleansers & More from glycolic acid skin care products , image source: shop.nordstrom.com

This product can suit any people’s need for skin brightening and serious exfoliation. It also has the best anti aging serum.

2. Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner

This product is so light, just like a water, and it can be used as a toner. Using this product will leave your skin with no residue or smell of your makeup. The glycolic acid in this product is about 5% and it is formulated in 4 – 5 pH. This product contains witch hazel leaf extract. It is a strong antioxidant, which can act as an anti-inflammatory agent as well. A study also revealed that it is able to regenerate the level of vitamin E in the skin.

This product is a perfect option for people who have sensitive skin. It is because this product has a slightly high pH, which makes t contains less concentrated acid. It will also be a perfect choice for people who do not respond well to chemical exfoliation.

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3. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel

This light gel has 8% glycolic acid exfoliant and is formulated in the optimal pH, 3.5-3.9. It gives soothing feeling when you apply it to your skin. It is because this product contains the extract of chamomile, which can give antioxidant activity for skin soothing benefit. Besides that, it does not leave any sticky feeling. This product will work best for all kinds of skin type. Even people with sensitive skin will not have any problem, as it comes in gel form. Moreover, the glycolic acid in this product also slows the acid penetrating rate. However, if you have sensitive skin type, it may be a little heavy for your skin.

4. Ace.org AHA

This product has 4.0 – 4.1 pH and 10% glycolic acid. One ingredient in this product, which you might not find in other skin care products, is licorice root extract. It helps to boost the properties of skin lightening having by glycolic acid. Besides that, it also contains tocopheryl acetate, or simply vitamin E. it can fade the dark spots you have by inhibiting the enzymes which create melanin.

For people with normal or dry skin type, this product can give the best result. It is because this product comes in a creamy base form. It is thicker than all the previous products, yet also the most moisturizing one.

Those are all information we can share you related to the topic of glycolic acid skin care products. We highly hope that this article can help you to find the best glycolic acid products.

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