5 Best Asian Skin Care Products For Every Different Need

Nowadays, more and more asian skin care products are hitting the market. If you want to know which the best of them, here is the list:

Firming Cleanser

Skinfood egg white pore foam is the best product you can have as the firming cleanser. This product is from Korea. It is well known for its food-based products. One specialty from this product is, it uses egg whites to tightening the fine lines temporarily. Besides that, this product is also well known to mattify oily skin even if you just use it for once. To have this product, you need to pay $10 only.

Brightening pads

Neogen bio peel lemon pads are what we recommend as your brightening pads. In many products of physical exfoliators, they may create micro-tears in your skin barrier. As the result, you will have inflammation, premature aging, or irritation. However, this product will not end up giving you those problems. The chemical exfoliating pads in this product use lemon fruit extract as well as lactic acid. It can smooth rough skin gently and dissolve blackheads or flakes. As the result, you will have more glowing and brighter skin complexion. This healthy product only costs $19.

Etude House Korea Jakarta Etude House Dust Cut Facial Mist 150ml
Etude House Korea Jakarta Etude House Dust Cut Facial Mist 150ml from asian skin care products , image source: pinterest.com

Smoothing face peel

Dr. Jart+ dermaclear micro milk peel is a good product to try. It is formulated with soothing coconut milk and squalene. It makes this product feel so gentle. You just need to dump it on the cotton swabs and sawpit on your face. The lactic acid and salicylic acid will do the work to exfoliate your skin. This product costs $36.

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Skin fixing essence

For the skin fixing essence, you can try Cosrx advanced snail mucin power essence. It contains 96% snail mucin essence. For your information, it is not the same as the smile you can get from a sidewalk snail. The gel is processed and can produce cosmetically elegant version from the edible snail. this special ingredient can fade ace scars, hydrate the driest skin, and brighten dark spots. To use it, you just need to massage a dime size drop of this product on your dry and clean face. Have this product for only $22.

Gentle cleanser

If you are looking for a good gentle cleanser form Asia, you can try Erborian cleansing micellar water. Its cost is around $26.if you think that the price is a bit high, you do not need to worry or hesitate; you will get a worth result with that price. First, this product uses herb infused micellar water (it is a water filled with oil dissolving molecules). It helps to remove grime or the leftover makeup you have on your face with only a few wipes. Having this product will certainly be a big help when you have a tiring night and are too lazy for doing the many steps of cleansing.

Those are all information we can share you related to the topic of asian skin care products. We highly hope that this list can help you to find the suitable and best skin care product from Asia for your need.