5 Recommendations for Natural Skin Care Lines

5 Recommendations for Natural Skin Care Lines - To treat the skin properly, a kind of qualified skin care products is needed for sure. It doesn’t mean that the products must be expensive or used by them the celebrities. You can be a smart consumer by choosing them that are only suitable for your skin as well as solving your skin problems. Natural skin care products are indeed more recommended for many reasons. Despite they tend to give better results, those products are also safer without any side effects on the sensitive skin.

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So, what are the best natural skin care lines for 2018? Here they are.


Although this line is relatively new, the presence of Lacoco as a skin care natural brand needs to be appreciated. Each of the products uses natural ingredients found in various areas all around the world. Some of the ingredients are even quite rare and difficult to be found; let’s say the Jeju Clay and active charcoal. One of the products from Lacoco with many enthusiasts is the Aloe Vera soothing mist that is functioned as the toner, cleanser, and moisturizer.

100% Pure

As its name, this brand is also claimed to be 100% made from natural ingredients. Not only is it the toxin, paraben, and sulfate-free, interestingly, even the packaging is also reusable and recyclable. A package of skin care from 100% pure has multiple functions starting from moisturizing, smoothening, and tightening your skin; it is also for the anti-aging treatment. One of the featured products is the natural cleanser that is good to remove the acne and skin flakes as well as make it look more refreshing.

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Nourish Organics

Talking about the natural skin care, it seems not fair without mentioning the products from Nourish Organics. Yes, this brand is the first one to be certified by USDA as the skin care products with natural and organic ingredients. It is so good for sure if you can collect all the products from Nourish Organics. But if you can’t, it is actually enough to buy the serum. Yes, this serum has many benefits at once including for moisturizing, removing acne, and anti-aging.

Kohvee Story

Don’t you know that coffee has so many benefits for your skin? It is including for moisturizing, smoothening, and solving some skin problems like bumps and flakes. Indeed, the coffee seeds contain a high level of antioxidant and vitamins so that it is recommended enough for the skin treatment. Those merits are then utilized by Kohvee Story, a local Balinese skincare line to develop coffee as the main ingredient of their products. The results are really satisfying as many customers always come back to collect the products starting from the moisturizer to the lip butter.


For more than 50 years, Sulwhasoo has combined the traditional beauty secret of Korean with modern technology. The main ingredient to be used for the products from this line is ginseng. Besides, there are some other organic plants and herbs added to beautify your skin more. Sulwhasoo is recommended for you who want to keep your skin naturally smooth and moisturized without any problems like acne and dullness. For anti-aging, these products are good also.