5 Recommended And Most Popular Skin Care Products In 2018

If you want to know the most popular skin care products in 2018, here they are:

Drunk Elephant

This brand is included in the Sephora’s top 10 best-sellers. This product really concerns their consumers. There are no suspicious or harmful ingredients such as silicones, perfumes, or chemical screens. Each product under this brand is specially designed to have suitable pH and use the best Mother Nature combination.

For a recommendation, you can try the Protini Polypeptide Cream. It is a good supply for your skin, as this product works like a protein. It also contains nine plants, which derived peptide growth factors to make your skin have a youthful appearance. This product can be absorbed by the skin quickly and completely and hydrates intensely with no greasy effect or pore-clogging layer.

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The best thing about this brand is, it condenses all the traditional 10 steps of Korean skincare routine becoming just three products. Moreover, all of them are light, gentle, and have natural ingredients. To begin with, you can start your daily morning routine with Panacea foundation. It can create a fresh feeling for your face the whole day. During the night, you can apply it at night as well to replenish your skin while you are sleeping.

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Peter Thomas Roth

This brand uses special ingredients, which scientifically proven to be effective besides that, all of the products are also having a high concentration, so you will get the best result by using them. One sample of all the products is the Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream. It can hydrate dry skin. So for you who never be able to get moist skin, you can try it right away.

Another best product from this brand is the enzyme peel. It can get rid of the top layer of your dead skin. The result is undoubtedly satisfying, even though you might not like the process as some people may think of it as disgusting. However, when you have finished the process, you can feel the softness of your skin, as you never have it.


If you are looking for a light daily sunscreen, you can try this product. The Farmacy Green Screen Daily is completed with SPF30. It uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as the active agent to protect the skin from the harmful sunlight. On the other hand, this product also contains antioxidants in the Echinacea. As an addition, there is also marigold extract in this product to help to prevent any inflammation or redness.


For the last recommendation, you can try this Korean skincare. One top recommended product from this brand is the Ultra Veil Ultra Light Sunscreen. It has SPF 50 to protect your skin. With this high SPF, it can fulfill your needs for you who live in places whose sun is shining all day long.

Those are all information we can share you related to the topic of popular skin care products. We highly hope that this list can help you to find the best skin care product easier.