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5 Top Skin Care Lines 2019 - All people may need to take care of their skin to keep it healthy and beautiful. Of course, there are more efforts for this despite some “duties” like eating good foods and exercising regularly.

Yes, you need a pack of skin care for this. To choose the skin care products, it is important to consider the types of your skin and the problems you need to overcome. Well, if you have been looking for the right skin care so long and still not found one, some lines below are highly recommended.


A type of sensitive skin often cannot tolerate any common products in the market. That’s why; the special one is better to apply even if you may need to pay more for this. It is so interesting that Avene releases a special moisturizer along with some other skin care product for the sensitive skin.

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It is even good if your skin is extremely sensitive and allergic. The ingredients and formula are natural and simple. Meanwhile, it is really smooth and gentle without giving further side effects like breaking out.

Dr. Rashel

Dr. Rashel releases a pack of skin care products indeed. But if you want to save your money more, you can actually only buy the serum. The serum from Dr. Rashel has 8 functions at once in only one product.

They are moisturizing, brightening, smoothening, giving nutrition, cell regenerating, acne removing, tightening, and anti-aging. The elastic content is effective to keep your skin smooth, tight, and flexible. Besides, it has pearl powder to refresh your tired skin after hectic schedules all day long.


Caudalie is a line that is focused on the utilization of grape seed as the main skin care ingredient. The grape seed extract is indeed known as more effective to fight against the free radical compared to other substances even the vitamin E.

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The products from Caudalie is not containing the grape seeds only for sure. There are some other natural ingredients added including the sesame oil, avocado, shea butter, apricot, and more. So, if you look for a skin care line of natural anti-aging, Caudalie is a good answer.


Another skin care line that only uses natural ingredients for all of the products. Jurlique is established and developed in Australia. To make sure that the products are 100% organic and qualified, this line even has its own plantation.

The plants are also selected and picked manually without any help from the machine. Although the main focus of Jurlique is for anti-aging skincare, it doesn’t mean that the products cannot be applied by the younger customers and teenagers.


It is not a secret that SK II always produces products with high quality. The prices are indeed relatively expensive but the results are not disappointing. One of the featured products from SK II is the anti-aging skin care set particularly the serum.

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It contains various types of vitamin, organic acids, minerals, and amino acid. The serum is functioned to hydrate your skin so that it is smoother, tighter, and younger.

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5 Top Skin Care Lines 2019
To choose the skin care products and top skin care lines, it is important to consider the types of your skin and the problems you need to overcome.

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