How to Maximize Benefits of Skin Products

It is important to get best facial product brands to keep your skin healthy. You can keep your skin healthy by building good habits. The problem is having good skin care products is not enough. You also need to know the order of using said products.

Why order of using skin care products is important

You can get the full benefit of skin care products you have if you apply them in the right order. For example, you should not put skin serum after cream-based product then the serum cannot reach your skin. Another example is if you should not put moisturizer after you put sunscreen. Because it will water down the sunscreen and dilute the efficiency of the sunscreen.

Another thing you need to remember is that you should not put one product after another right away. You need to make sure that your skin absorbs the product. For example, there are ingredients that will take a few hours to complete its works. So you better let it do its work before putting another product.

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The order of skin products you need to use

Cleanser is the first product you need. It is to remove makeup. After that, you need to use a face wash to remove dirt and residual makeup. Aside from making your face clean, the double cleansing will make your skin fresh and prepare your skin to absorb the skin products you will use.

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The next product you will need is toner. It can give your skin antioxidants and vitamin B. You need to make sure that you get the right toner for your skin problem. Then, you can apply spot treatment. Medications for acnes are better put as close to the skin as possible. After that, you need to take time, at least five minutes, before putting another product.

Next, you can put serum. Materials for serum can vary. One of the most common is vitamin C, which can stimulate new collagen, minimize wrinkle and fine lines and protect skins from irritants in environment.

After serum, you can apply eye cream. It is better if you start using eye cream in your 20s. You can use eye cream every night or twice a day. Eye cream can help you to keep the eyelid skin healthy and maintain eye lid’s thickness. By using eye cream from young, you can make keep the smooth appearance of eye lid later on. You need to use eye cream regularly to maintain elasticity of eyelid.

Last but not least is face oil or moisturizer. Usually, night cream is thicker and heavier. The reason is because skin usually does the bulk or restoring and repairing at night. Cream nights are designed to be absorbed while you are asleep. Even if you have oily skin, you can still use moisturizer.

To get the most benefit of moisturizer, you can apply it when your skin is moist. So, before you use face cream, you better use clean your face and put all your skin care treatments. Face oil is used last so it can lock the hydration.

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Timing and sequence matter. That is after you find best facial product brands, you need to use them in the correct order.