Tips to Use Skin Products in the Right Order

You can look for most effective skin care products on the internet, but there are some things you can do to make sure that you get the most benefits from your skin care products. Here are several steps you can follow.

Clean your face first

Dead cells on the surface of epidermis are like barriers. They prevent skin care products from being absorbed by your skin. That is why it is always better if you clean your face first before you put any skin care products.

Usually, you need to do double cleansing. First, you need to remove makeup from your first. Secondly, you need to wash your face to make sure that residual makeup and dirt are completely removed.

Use skin care products in the right order

You can maximize the benefits of skin products by using them in the right order. If you use them in the wrong order, you can possibly dilute their strength or null the effects of said products. For example, applying moisturizer after sunscreen will only lessen the efficiency of the sunscreen.

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Apply products on damp skin

One thing you need to remember, damp skin is not wet skin. It is better to use skin care products on damp skin because it can absorb them more easily.

Warm your skin before using products

To warm your skin, you can wash your face with lukewarm water and not cold water. Using warm water can raise the temperature of your skin slightly. When your skin is warm, pores and blood vessels will dilate. This will help your skin to absorb skin products you put.

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Another reason it is better to put skin care products on warm skin is because they can interact with skin cells faster and ingredients can be absorbed through skins more quickly.

Use heavy ointments

You can help your skin absorb ingredients by topping them with heavy creams. Heavy creams that have large amounts of waxes, oils and petrolatum can boost absorption. Even so, it does not mean you can use heavy cream after the use of other skin products. Heavy creams are not meant to be used together with products that contain vitamin C, hydroquinone, acids or retinoids. You also want to not use heavy creams if you can get acne easily.

Use retinoids at night

There are some products that are better used at night. Usually, those products are designed to work over several hours, which is why they work better when you use them when you are asleep. Aside from that, when you are asleep, the temperature of your skin rises slightly, which means better absorption.

Use serum

Strongest active ingredients usually can be found in serum. Active ingredients in serum can be absorbed by the skin quickly, unlike lotion-type skin products.

Use the right combination

Like food, you need to get the right combination for the best result. For example, combination of sunscreen and antioxidants are the best. Sunscreen can absorb UV rays while antioxidant will neutralize free radicals.

After learning the trick as to maximize the benefits of most effective skin care products, you can ensure your skin stay healthy.

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